Gamerevv Roadmap Updates: 1st Quarter 2022

6 min readApr 20, 2022


We know a lot of the new members joining our community have been having a lot of questions about where we currently are with the project and DApp development and what else is in the works.

So here is a compilation of some of the major updates we’ve shared with the community in the 1st quarter of 2022.

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Community update on Feb 27th, 2022.

Hello Revvers

We know it’s been quiet here for a while, it was a joint agreement with the team to majorly focus on the building of the ecosystem and we are proud to announce that the DApps is 85% done with 4 native games ready courtesy of Gamerevv Studio.

We promise that the community will love the Gamerevv dApps and the Social Gaming Ecosystem which the team has worked tirelessly to ensure no glitches will be experienced when made public.

As we approach the next phase of the project, marketing will be intensified and interactions will greatly improve. Thanks for standing by as we DRIVE THE PLAY TO EARN REVOLUTION.

Community update on March 7th, 2022.

Hi Revvers!

Work has been going on to get Gamerevv going and we’ve been working on giving it a strong and sustainable liquidity. We will roll out our DApp testing phase as soon as we catch all bugs.

We are also working on marketing content that will be boosted on social media.

On our games: Revv City Royale, which is our first RPG game has been developed. Currently, we are changing our multiplayer server so that as many people as possible can play the game at the same time.

A demo screen record of the game will be dropped shortly. (FYI! you can check it out on our social media platforms!)

Thanks for sticking with us.

On March 14th, we shared some updates on the DApp development.

Transactions on our DApps charge GAV as gas fees instead of BNB.

There’s a series of explainer videos that we just did and it explains how to use the Gamerevv DApp platform.

(You can watch these videos on all our other social media platforms.)

In between updates we got to meet some of our community members and answered their questions concerning the project development.

Here are some of our favorite questions from Gamerevvers and answers from the development team:

1. “So this GAV token charges where will they go?”

Answer: So, this is how it works so far, we have a wallet that holds BNB and this wallet is the one that pays all the blockchain fees while the system charges the person initiating the transaction in GAV. The GAV tokens goes back to the wallet that is holding BNB. This way, we keep using the Wallet to buy BNB that will be used continuously for transactions.

2. “Will there be a testnet mode for the game before the onchain release?

Answer: Yes, in fact, the testnet for the DApps is ready, the off-chain of Revv city royale is 45% ready. (As of march)

…Many more questions later…

3. “Will the GAV token be burned to reduce supply or what will happen to it since it’s going to a wallet?”

Answer: Great question! For the game, our intention is to sell NFTs for the game pass, the money generated from sales of NFTs will be added to the liquidity of the project’s token.

That actually makes sense as this will help decrease the supply of the tokens and increase the price… But we plan to increase the utility of the tokens in some other ways and specifically use amounts raised from fees to improve the development of the ecosystem.

One of the things we also did with the community is update the characters in Revv City Royale. They voted on the body character they think is the most appealing.

Community Update on March 18th. We shared some great news!

We’ve started writing an algorithm for the next phase of our development. This entails writing a testnet smart contract for an NFT that will be used in our games.

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The NFTs will be a requirement for users to play the game and the NFT you carry will be the character you have in your game. Theoretically, we have been able to solve that process and we believe it will work moving on to the development phase.

Another thing we are trying to explore as we must have earlier mentioned is renting of NFTs, after our research, there’s a smart contract event that is called “Pausible”, which makes an NFT transfer possible and it going to be a game-changer for us as we use this event to implement our rent feature. The way it is going to work is that

1: There is a real NFT that can be sold and traded, transferred

2: There is a pseudo-NFT that can only be issued by smart contract and can’t be transferred unless by an Address. In this case, we will be the mediator between the two. When you rent out your NFT, it is taken from your wallet to a vault, while the pseudo-NFT is sent to the renter. When the time elapses, the Pseudo NFT is transferred back to the Vault and the real one is transferred to the owner. For us, that’s huge….

A few months ago, Vitalik(a Gamerevv community member) talked about the idea of creating Non-Transferrable NFTs, and we are on the way to doing that.

This also seems like a passive way for NFT holders to make money.

(We don’t want to brag… but we really do listen to you)

Then, we looked at the way GAM will be exchanged with ease from players to players, and we noticed that we will need to create a vault to hold users’ funds before they play any game. It is from this vault that the game financial transactions can be made. It’s more or less like guaranteed frozen collateral that enables you access to any game. At the point where your vault balance is negative, you are kicked out of the game or asked to top up the amount in your vault…..

This is a pretty long detailed update, but for the community, we have to be as explicit as possible. So we are onto building🙈🙈🥸🥸

Community update on March 21st

We shared some of our NFT propositions and their rarities. Their proposed name is Revv City Warriors and the symbol is RCW.

The interesting part for this proposed NFT is the Flag bearers, Only NFTs with the Flag Bearers will be able to create Game rooms on Revv City Royale. Of course, it will be limited. The Flagbearer design will represent each country around the world.

What this will end up doing is that we will have limited Gamerooms, and Gameroom owners will be able to take a share of the earnings of each gameplay. In a game room, we are limiting the number of gamers to 30. And each gameplay will last for 30 minutes.

We shared some more intricate details that are for community members only …*wink*… You can join us here to stop receiving old news and be part of our process.

Community update for March 27th, this was our final update for March.

We highlighted some background things that the team has been up to ensure the success and adoption of this project.

We have a potent addition to the team, who is an internationally acclaimed media and PR professional. He has organized successful campaigns around the world and he sits on a board of an international security forum that sees the attendance of presidents and top policymakers of the world. He will be driving our promotions. He is in fact a strategic addition to the team and he will be unveiled soon.

…And that was it for the first quarter of 2022!!!!

Of course, it’s mid-April and we’ve moved faster than ‘The Flash’ in supersonic speed mode. If you love games, NFTs, blockchain gaming, play to earn, and everything in between… Join our online Gamerevv community today!

See you there!




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